Saturday, October 17, 2009

democracy of marcos

i don't like this video?

i don't like this video because for me Pres. Marcos is a bad President because he ended our freedom, all of us have no chance to talk, or watch t.v & listening radio when he declared martial law in the Phil.

i ralated it to Psychology?
i relate it to Psychology by saying that Pres. marcos have a disapproved deviant behavior because he make the life of the people miserable during his regime.
during his Presidency he ended the democracy of Filipino People by declearing Martial law.

candidacy of cory aquino

pres. Corazon aquino was tahe first lady president of the Philippines. And she tought our democracy against Marcos'mortal law and she is the icon of democracy because she tought our freedom to pres. Marcos regime.
I like this video because . she is the first lady president in the history of the phil. who thought for the democracy against Marcos. When Pres. Cory Aquinorun for pres. All the Filipino's yellow T-shirts, waving thier hands creating letter "L" the symbolize "LABAN" during Marcos regime, its only showed that all Filipino's love & support her.

I relate this video in Psychology because Pres. Cory Aquino have a Deviant Behavior w/c means may be tolerated approve disapproved but Pres. Cory Aquino done or to us is approve. Why? becuase she is positively overt & upwardly deviant person who can be a Hero because she tought our democracy against Martial law of Marcos regime.